There is nothing unusual about a terraced property in a chic area of Cheltenham, but by adding a contemporary extension at the rear of the building we were en-route to creating a controlled fantasy.

First the nuts and bolts of a bare-brick restoration, which included replacing the roof and rear-walls and building new foundations. Then the fun part. In rooms at the front of the house we retained period features such as high skirting boards and full-bodied cornices, complemented by rich colours and dark wood. We then created a sense of transformation in the extension by introducing straight lines and sharp corners.

When it came to interior fixtures we lapsed into a state of unashamed luxury – nickel-plated bathroom fittings proved irresistible – while a treasure-trove of hidden spaces were adapted and provided practical storage space or a clandestine nest for such features as the integrated audio and lighting systems. It was a budget-busting experience, but we left behind a hugely-admired three-bedroom property; and saluted our farewells with champagne.



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