Leckhampton, Cheltenham

A back-garden development can embrace the demand for housing while sparing the greenbelt.

This example gives us a particularly cosy glow, because it is so mindful to tuck its head down in appreciation of the landscape and the sensitivities of nearby residents. Its sedum-clad, flat-line roof will be as inoffensive as it gets (and will nourish itself from rain water that would otherwise flow straight into drains), while eco-friendly solar panels will work quietly to energise the property in subliminal manner.

This will not be an upside-down dwelling – the kitchen/diner and living areas will be downstairs (as will a fourth bedroom) while the first floor comprises three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is conventional, but we like that when every element of the build is decidedly forefront.

Glass and zinc will be mainstays of the exterior, and if, during the course of the build, we feel the urge for a little subtle Bath stone it could be introduced to make a feature. No less fun will be the interior, which will not want for integrated home technology and avant garde kitchen and bathroom designs.

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