The Kedges

Britain is dotted with centuries-old, timber-framed barns, but imagine how many more would be standing if the joy we take in preserving them had always been as prevalent.

Fortunately this 17th Century cottage and neighbouring barns were still upright, just, when we were asked to replace their rotting timbers and restore their purpose while preserving their hearts and souls. It was the sort of challenge that tops our list headed ‘Job Satisfaction’ for it required us to hark back to the skills of rural carpenters who used hand tools to fashion perfectly-formed joints and angles. We had to pit our abilities against theirs.

Green oak beams, held together with pegs made using a traditional spoke-shave, put new life into the frames, while lightweight, modern interpretations of traditional wattle and daub panels retained the appearance of the original building.

When the project was complete a four-bedroomed property of atavistic charm stood proud once more.

Project overview


Time period
16 Months

Contract value

Overall size