Caulin Court

This regal beauty, set in 20 acres of sweeping parkland, sits upon a site that was once a humble farmhouse – one that had been blighted by a succession of makeovers until it was a hotch-potch of rooms with no more identity than the unknown soldier.

Vincent Kirk of KKE Architects spent two years in negotiations with planners before consent was given for the poor confused farmhouse to be replaced by this magnificent regency-style villa, which is a sparkling, new-build homage to an original property of its type. Once completed it gave us no end of pleasure hearing visiting experts say, ‘You’ve done a great job cleaning up that old stone’, when every inch of the property was as fresh as a newly-laid egg.

It has all the grand elegance and fine craftsmanship that architects like John Nash incorporated into their famous early-19th Century designs, but is a well-insulated property with rapier-tip technology. Bath stone and lead (could anyone consider spoiling such a regal abode with GRP or zinc?) are mainstays of the exterior, while inside is a wealth of period detail and contemporary living that has been engineered to exacting standards.

Only buildings of great design and construction will have a story to tell in 500 years – this one will be regaling future generations with its tales.

Project overview


Time period
15 Months

Contract value

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