Brockeridge Park – Phase II

We’ve been accused of taking our jobs too personally, but we’re building people’s homes and work places – it doesn’t come more personal.

And when something works, and puts smiles on faces, why not match it? With that in mind, welcome to Brockeridge Park II, a follow-up to our smash-hit first venture (see Completed Projects) at a former dairy farm near Tewkesbury.

This latest venture will see the creation of another two courtyards of offices that will be aesthetically easy on the eye, a pleasure to roll into on a Monday morning, and functional. They will be work places with all the technological accoutrements you would expect for the 21st Century.

We are also mindful of the need to be low-impact, energy saving and kind to the contours of the land, so while we are filling a space by a motorway we are also linking it to our current sustainable urban drainage system. Trees and borders of flowers and plants will enhance our view and be welcomed by birds, bees and butterflies. We know it makes sense.

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